About Us

We're passionate about leading promising early stage and established technology businesses to success. Our venture capital background, technical literacy, strong business acumen, and deep-rooted sense of accountability inform our ability to serve as consultants,  board directors and effective stewards of public and private companies.  We have more than 20 years of experience working with boards, advising c-suite executives and fellow board members through organizational strategy, leadership transition, acquisitions and integrations, product innovation, brand differentiation, new market penetration, business transformation, and creative financing. 

Proven expertise includes:

Organizational Strategy & Leadership

Venture Capital Investments & Private Equity

Staff Leadership & Mentoring

Strategic Vision & Execution

BOD Governance & Leadership

Mergers & Acquisitions

Post-Acquisition Integration

Financial Modeling

Data Analysis & Synthesis

Fundraising & Capital Campaigns

Executive Consulting

Complex Program Management

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